Customer Service

Do you have Retail Store in Vancouver?

No, but we do have a warehouse in Richmond


How do we choose the right duvet cover for our bedroom?

It is depends on the material and stylish your bedroom decor. For more detail information, you can check our blog post for further reference: Bedding Set Canada


How to pick the right weighted of blanket for myself?

Generally speaking; 10% of your body weight. For an example, if your weight is 200lbs, pick the 20lbs blanket is the most suitable one for you. 


How do I choose the right size?

You should purchase a queen size blanket if you are big enough. Or you move a lots during sleeping. 


Is that the weight removable?

No, our weights are not removable. 


If I need to travel, can I bring the blanket with me on an airplane?</strong></p>

We do have a lot of customer brought the blanket with them for travelling. So far, we did not received any complain. 


How to wash the blanket?

When you purchase the blanket, please considerate the duvet cover as well. Just put the duvet cover into the washing machine - clean


Will the insurance pay for my blanket?

It is highly depends on insurance company's policy and your insurance plan.


Can the blanket cover my face or head?

No, please do not. 


My wife is just get pregnant, can she used weight blanket?

No, please do not use. And we don't recommend for people who cannot remove the blanket without help


The weighted blanket is design to be just big enough to cover your body.  Market price is between $60-$270 depends on the quality of blanket and profit margin of the sellers. If you still can't decide whether use a weighted blanket or not - consult with your family doctor for more advice.