Tips for You Sleep Better At Night

Tips for you to sleep better - heavy blanket can help

Lack of energy, brain functioning slower than usual, and negative effects on your hormones; all cost by poor sleep. 

On the other hand, good sleep can help you look much more energized, eat less and much healthier.

Reduce Blue light exposure:  

Blue light is generated by electronic devices such as laptop, smartphone, and iPad... Either you are working late or playing video games in the late-night; the blue ray will send a strong signal to your brain, telling it that is still daytime. 

Reduce the blue light as much as possible. 

Reduce Caffeine

In some study, caffeine can stay in your body for more than 6 hours. During the daytime, yes, it will keep you awake; however, if you get something like tea or coffee after 6 pm in the evening; it might worsen your sleeping quality. 

Don't eat late at Night

A study indicates that 4 hours of meal eaten before bed help you asleep faster and better. 

Some people would like to do exercises at night, especially for people who are working from 9 to 5. After exercising, feeling empty on the stomach - eating a high-carb meal.  They believe eating can help them sleep better. No, it won't - eating late will only lead you to have a bad sleep. 

Get a comfortable bed and pillow

Many studies have pointed out a good mattress and pillow can help people to have better sleep because a good mattress and pillow can help you to reduce back pain, shoulder pain, and neck stiffness. 

If you want to replace your old set of the mattress, do it now, a good mattress can really help. 

Play a little Decor on your bedroom

Your preference colour of the wall paint, duvet cover, and bedding liner will help you have a respectful sleep.  Yes; many people believe that bedroom environment and decor are the key factors to have a good sleep. 

Light brightness, noise, and cleanness they all count.  

Weighted Blanket

Many non-official studies indicate that the weighted blanket can help people who are with anxiety to sleep better. 

The calming effect - fewer movements during sleeping time.