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Weighted Blanket Vancouver

Bedding is a hot category in the Online Shopping industry - from the pillow to bedding sheet. Everything has been upgraded. In 2018 to 2019, the hottest product is the Weighted Blanket. 

Sitting in the office one day, and hearing colleagues around to talk about a new secret weapon (even better sleeping pills) than to help you get in sleep - weighted blanket. 

Hugging feeling sleep, reduce anxiety, and comfortable sleep - these are all weighted blanket promotion slogan. Are they really work? What's this - - - it is a blanket that filled with glass beads or polypropylene pallets; giving it added the weight and hugs the user. On its outer layer, some manufacturers use traditional material such as cotton, some used bamboo cotton. Generally speaking, a weighted blanket weight varies between 10 - 30 lbs - yes, it is quite heavy. 

There is some weighted blanket for infants 5 - 8 lbs. However, we do not recommend this product for infants. 

Why this blanket is the hottest product in these 2 years?

Simply look at how common is insomnia among us.. 

  • 30 - 35% have brief symptoms of insomnia
  • 15 - 20% have short-term insomnia, some could recover within 3 months, some can't
  • 10% have chronic insomnia, which occurs 3 times per week...

Personal experience, while I was 20-30 years old, lay on the bed, lighting sleep. After the age of 35, it takes me at least 20-30 mins to get in sleep. Nowadays, at least 40 mins. 

The benefit of Using a Weighted Blanket

According to the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine studies; there are 25% of American experience Insomnia each year. More and more people try to find a way to solve their sleeping problems. 

According to one study "deep touch pressure” - this object can provide safety feeling, relax and comfort to the users. Besides that, other studies also provide some evidence that blanket can lower anxiety. 

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Weighted Blanket Vancouver


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