How to Wash and Dry Duvet Cover - ZNL Blanket Canada

Washing Duve Cover and Bedding Set Instruction

It is always a headache for us to wash our bedding set once it gets dirty, especially coffer drops. It really depends on what kind of material of your bedding sets, we have the solution as below: 

Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover Washing Instruction: 

  • If it is first-time use, please check the washing instruction carefully, it might having a float in colours from its surface. 
  • Machine wash is OK, but the water must not be too hot ( not exceeding 30 degree Celcius). Gentle Cycle. 
  • Not to Bleach
  • The wet fabric might be piling together, making sure you remove it out carefully after you wash it. 
  • Hang Dry

Silk Bedding Washing Instruction: 

  • Do Not Iron
  • Do Not bleach
  • Do not use water to wash it 
  • Dry Clean

Down Duvet Washing Instruction: 

We strongly recommend not to water wash the down duvets. It might damage the down. Always prepare to use a duvet cover to protect the down duvet is the best solution. 

  • No Water Wash
  • No Iron 
  • No Tumble Dry

Weighted Blanket Washing Instruction: 

This removable Minky duvet cover is made by super soft material. Effectively prevent dirt onto your weighted blanket.  Easy to clean – just dump into the washing machine.