Duvet Cover and Bedding Set For Your Bedroom Decor - ZNL Bedding

Better look in your bedroom always help!

A right bedding set does not only help you to get into good sleep at night; it could also release some of your pressure from your work - a splash of colour. 

When we purchase a new home, we will pain the wall to make our home look brighter and better. A duvet cover is the paint of your bed. 

Duvet Cover Style: 

How are we going to choose the right duvet cover for our bedroom? There are varies styles duvet cover available in the market: plain, flora pattern, striped, and feminine. You got to pick the right style to match your bedroom and your bed. 

Duvet Cover Material: 

Material is a key factor for your duvet cover: cotton, satin, plant-derived, and silk. 

Cotton: 100% cotton is the most breathable material for the bedding set. However, it depends on how many thread count on the cotton. 300-400 thread count made the best quality of bedding cover and sheet. Egyptian cotton is the best. 

Satin: Smooth and silky feel; however, this type of material is not very durable. 

Plant-Derived: commonly used in nowadays for bedding. Eg: linen is woven from flax, and is thicker than cotton, yet known for coolness and freshness in hot weather. It is said that of all textile fibres, linen is the most ecologically sound.

Silk: expensive; most of the time, you can tell the product is really made by silk or polyester. 

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