Does the Weighted Blanket Really Work?

Having a Sleeping problem - Blanket can help?

Falling asleep is a common problem for most of us. Grant, 31, Vancouver Resident. "I have a sleeping problem for years; falling asleep and wake up with anxiety. I don't want to use medical and have tried to use many different ways - not helping me too much."

Since Jan.2019, Grant has used a weighted blanket for almost a year. He said to us this Christmas:" It helps, I still wake up during my sleeping time, but fall asleep easier than before."

The heavy blanket seems to become mainstream in nowadays market. 

Why and Where the Research come from?

Honestly, scientific research is really rare on this product. Most of the researches were funded or paid by blanket manufacturers or their marketing team. On one specific report - it found that after using the blanket for 2 weeks, people who had insomnia says they have calmer night's sleep with fewer movements.

Another research is on children (ZnL Weighted Blanket Canada strongly recommend not to use it on children). This study did not found the blanket is useful to children - fall asleep faster: NO; wake less than often: No......

ZnL Blanket has sold more 6,000 heavy blankets in the UK Market in 2019. And we have done a Survey (randomly pick 1,250 customers) - around 70% of users found it is helped - better sleep. 

Note: The American Academy of Sleep Medicine does not have an official stance on the blankets.

Why ZnL Weighted Blanket does not recommend this product to children, cause parents need to be careful with a choking hazard from the weight. And it is absolutely not safe for babies. 

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