Choosing the Right Weighed Blanket For You

Tips for choosing the most suitable blanket for your night!

A red hot product has been launched to the market for the past 2 years. A weighted blanket, some reports that can decrease stress, anxiety and insomnia. However, we don't know how effective it is; and it is quite expensive as well. 

Tips 1 - determine the right weight for you - Weighted Blanket Vancouver

There are varies of weighted available in the market, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25lbs... As a rule of thumb, 8-10% of your weight is the best suitable blanket weight for you.

Using experience: I weighed around 198 pounds, I've chosen 20lbs heavy blanket before, feeling like a bit light - not heavy enough. Then I've purchased another king-size one - 25lbs. This is a bit overweight - after putting the blanket onto the body, feeling like hard to breathe. Strongly recommend not to purchase an overweight blanket. 

Tips 2 - Which material should full in the blanket? Glass Beads/plastic pallet/sand?

Glass beads and plastic pellet, glass bead are smaller than poly-pellets. Some consumers might worry about the pellet might contain toxins and chemicals. In nowadays, all pellet must testify before export - not to worry it too much.   

Sand - it is too tiny; easy to leak out; we are not going to cover too much on this article. 

Either glass beads or plastic pellet, they both can be a very good material to fill into the blanket. 

Tips 3 - Sewing Technology

As the blanket contains glass beads or plastic pellet - they are tiny. 

ZnL Blanket using 3D sewing method: Locking the glass beads tightly but leave them some space to move - preventing the leakage. 

ZnL Weighted Blanket Vancouver - Stitches Technology


Tips 4 - Should I spend another 40-50 dollar to purchase a blanket cover?

If you are worried your blanket will get some stains, we strongly recommend purchasing the removable cover. Some covers made by bamboo - usually used in summertime. Some cover made by minky, it is warmer - for winter. 

Most breathable material is the cotton - not too cold, not too warm - good for all seasons. 

Thank you for reading.