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What fabric should I choose for my weighted blanket?

There a lot of fabric available in the market; if you have a chance to check Amazon, there are cotton, satin, Minky, flannel, and linen..... It really depends on what material you like. 


Cotton is the most popular fabric apply on weighted blanket's out layer. It is breathable. However, there are several grades of cotton. The 300 to 400 thread count is the best quality for blankets - most breathable with good quality. 

Some buyers would like to purchase organic cotton because they are skin, sensitive users. The organic cotton is available in the market, but you will expect to pay more. 


Fannel is a mix of cotton and wool. In the cold winter, if you are not turning on your heat. Yes, fannel is a good choice. In North-America, most of the home's heat is on during the wintertime.  If you are choosing fannel, it will be very uncomfortable which will cause night sweating if your heat is on. 


Your children are going to love it. It is one of the best fabric for the quilt. It is durable, resistant to stains, and having different colours and design pattern available. However, this material is extremely warm, ideally design for winter; during the summertime - No, not recommend. 


Bamboo is the most eco-friendly fabric; not only apply on the weighted blanket, but also to bedding sheet and duvet cover.....

Bamboo is extremely soft, breathable, and machine washable. Most importantly, it is 3-4 times moisture absorption than cotton. However, consumers need to be aware of that - most of the manufacturers will add chemicals on the bamboo fabric during production. 


We are not going to cover too much about silk in this article, due to its price - expensive. Most of the manufacturers will use Satin to replace Silk - money talks. 


Polyester is a very cheap material. Some manufacturers will use a lot of chemicals to make it look shiny and smooth feeling during production.  

It is quite durable, however, if you consider your health more, we do not recommend to use it. As we have mentioned - chemicals - especially to people who are with sensitive skin. 

Acrylic:Some called it Cool Material

You can probably avoid this. Google what made of plastic - oil/petrol. 

It might contain toxic, depends on the quality control of the manufacturers. This material is non-breathable at all, and it will getting rougher and rougher after you wash it time after time. 

Egyptian Cotton: 

This is luxury material in the bedding industry. It feels like Super - super soft, super smooth, and super comfortable. Great temperature control due to its breathableness. Its keyword is: Expensive. 

The biggest problem is that there are a lot of non-genuine Egyptian sellers exist. We can't really tell. 

Overall, we recommend cotton weighted blanket or bamboo. If you are turning your heat on with low temperature, minky, wool would be an alternative choice. 

Hope this article can give you a rough idea which fabric you should choose before purchasing a blanket online. 

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