Bedding Set Canada - How to verify Cotton Quality – ZNL Bedding Vancouver

Bedding Set Canada - Cotton Quality – ZNL Bedding Vancouver

Bedding Set Canada - How to verify Cotton Quality – ZNL Bedding Vancouver: Most of the duvet cover set and bedding sheets are made by 100% cotton. However, how do we identify which is good and bad? These factors will tell you a bit more: 1. Grade of the fibre; 2. Thread; 3. Yarn Size; 4. Weave.

Grade of the fibre For Bedding Set:

Cotton fibre is the most basic raw material in the textiles industry. Let do some analysis below:

  • Short Staple cotton – bad quality
  • Long-staple cotton – medium
  • Extra long-staple cotton – more durable and softer

Tread Count of Bedding Set:

Thread count is the sum number of horizontal weft and vertical warp threads woven into one square inch of fabric. 

Generally speaking, 300 to 400 thread count is the best quality for duvet cover and bedding sheet. If the thread counts less than 200, the duvet cover or sheet might coarse easily and having a very weak surface. On the other hand, if the thread counts are greater than 500, achieved by using non-necessary multiple-ply yarn or multiple picks; which wouldn't improve the product's quality; plus it will make the product extremely soft due to the thickness has increased - non-breathable. 

Yarn Size of the Duvet Covers

Yarn size/thickness is measured by the length of a thread at the weight of 1lb, majorly in 4 class: 20S, 40S, 60S, and 80S. The larger number means the thread is longer and thinner in the same weight, and that implies the better quality of the thread. Better thread brings softer and more comfortable feel.


Percale and Sateen are the most popular cotton weaves. 

Percale is at least 180 thread count. Tight, matt finish and crisp feel. 

Sateen belongs to the luxurious category. Sateen is much softer than Percale because it is made by higher thread count and yarn size. Basically, you can understand Satin as Silk quality with lower price.